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I am a 59 year old golfer, who has had a great deal of difficulty dealing with not being able to play at the same level I could 15 or even 10 years ago. I became very unpleasant when I didn’t play well and even my best friends told me I had to lighten up a little (meaning a lot). I feel honored to have had a chance to let Dr. Kevin Roby help me work through this. He has taught me techniques to help me take things in stride, forgetting about what happened on the last hole or the last shot, concentrating on the current shot only, and maintaining confidence and a positive attitude. I am now having fun on the course again (my wife even more so), I’m much calmer and more relaxed and it is definitely improving my game.

I attended one of  Dr Roby's "Mental Strategies For Great Golf" seminars.  The content was powerful, and the presentation was highly interesting!  I found Dr Roby's approach to the mental side of golf to be very contagious, and I continue to utilize many of the mental skills he introduced during the presentation.  It was gratifying to see how the same mental skills can successfully be utilized by every level of golfer, from beginners to very accomplished players.  As a former educator I really appreciated Dr. Roby's ability to clearly communicate with his audience.  For me, this was time and money that was very well spent!

"I worked with Doctor Roby over the course of about 18 months. During that time I improved my ability to concentrate on the golf course and also learned how to better manage my emotions. My supporters and family members saw a significant improvement in my ability to stay composed. Another key area that we worked on was staying more focused on the process and letting the outcome take care of itself. During the period that I worked with Dr. Roby I qualified for the PGA Tour's Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. That was a great part of my competition schedule! Through the rest of my career, I will continue to use these powerful mental skills."

"Although I only worked with Dr. Roby for a very brief time, he helped me to really appreciate the importance of letting go of concerns about the outcome, and instead maintaining my focus on the process of the golf shot. This concept has been a key in my best competitive rounds."

A few years ago I had the opportunity of attending one of the `Mental Strategies For Great Golf` seminars. I was a beginner golfer determined to take my game to the next level. Dr. Roby's seminar was very entertaining and insightful. One of the strategies Dr. Roby discussed involved not even bothering to swing the club until I could fully imagine and commit to the idea of hitting an exceptional shot. Nine months after first walking onto a golf course, I hit a good tee shot on a par four hole and only had a short wedge left onto the green. Before I hit the shot, I thought about the idea of fully committing to executing an exceptional shot. I made my mind up that I was going to put this next shot in the hole. I fully committed to this belief, and when I swung the club, the shot landed on the green, took a short hop, and rolled into the cup for an eagle two! I had been playing golf for only nine months and I had eagled a par four! I don't believe this would have happened without learning about the power of proper thinking out on the golf course. Utilizing such mental strategies has tremendously helped my scoring and my understanding of the game!

I am a psychologist and a golfer who loves the game for its serenity, elegance, sheer fun and constant challenges. And I’m always looking for fresh perspectives. That’s exactly what I found when I attended "Mental Strategies For Great Golf" taught by Dr. Kevin Roby. He has a wonderful approach to the game and is so knowledgeable about the psychology of golf. I am very pleased with the results because I’m more relaxed and focused when I think about planning a shot and carrying through. It’s a good feeling that makes this great game even better. Thank you Kevin.

When I was in high school I worked with Dr. Kevin Roby for several weeks during the golf season. Before we began working together, I was a very inconsistent player. I would allow bad shots to affect me negatively, which ultimately hurt any chance I had of playing well in that round. Dr. Roby helped me to learn to maintain my confidence regardless of what was happening at the moment. He taught me the importance of always selecting a small, precise target for every shot, and helped me to develop the mindset that I was going to properly execute the shot. That season I only had two hazard penalties and did not hit one ball OB. To this day, the season during which I worked with Dr. Roby was probably the most consistent I ever hit the ball. Mental skills training was and still is an important part in my competitive golf career.

Nick Green, Assistant Golf Coach - Chico State University

I worked with Doctor Roby for several months earlier this year. I learned a great deal about the importance of developing the proper mental skills in golf. Although we worked on many topic areas, some of the most important improvements I made were in the areas of letting go of concerns about what other people might be thinking about my play, and learning how to get much more out of my practice sessions. I became better able to focus on the relevant aspect of golf and not to focus on factors which can be detrimental. In addition, Dr Roby and I developed a great new strategy for me to better prepare for important competitions. I know that by using these new skills I've developed I'm going to continue to have better and better results throughout college and beyond.

Kevin Collignon - College Golfer

Dr. Roby presented his Mental Strategies For Great Golf seminar to my college golf team a few years ago. I also followed up with some individual consultations with Dr. Roby. The mental skills he covered have been very helpful for myself and several former teammates who now also compete in professional events. Golf is played between the ears and you need a sharp mental approach to win. I continue to use many of these essential mental skills in my ongoing competitions.

John Mosier - Professional Golfer

I worked with Dr. Roby when I was playing on the Futures Tour. I was having difficulty with being frequently distracted by the behavior of my fellow competitors, and the distractions were evident in my scores. My work with Dr. Roby helped me to let go of concerns about what others were doing and helped me to focus solely on the process involved in golf. During the time we worked together I shot my lowest round as a professional and I took my first lead in a professional event. And after one of our sessions, using this new type of focus, I holed-out a four iron from 180 yards to score an eagle two on the second hardest hole on the course! This was also one of my best rounds as a professional. I believe mental skills training is essential for all serious golfers.

Tami Shibata - Retired Professional Golfer

I worked with Dr. Roby for just a brief time, yet I saw an extraordinary improvement in my golf game! After only our third session, I played the best round of my life! I scored five strokes lower than I ever had before, and I got a hole-in-one! I had several other really good shots, including a seven iron that was a foot away from an eagle, a birdie chip that I missed by less than a half inch, and a really tough bunker shot that got very close to the hole. I used a lot of positive affirmations and stayed away from thoughts related to mechanics as I got ready to swing. Thanks, Dr. Roby, for helping me improve so much!