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One-on-One Mental Skills Training

Enhance your competition skills with one-on-one mental skills training from golf psychology expert Dr. Kevin Roby! With customized individual mental training strategies featuring proven, practical sports psychology coaching techniques, golfers of all ages and abilities can learn the strategies to consistently perform well in competition. Whether you are an amateur, high school or collegiate golfer, mini-tour or PGA or LPGA professional, mental skills training can boost your performance and give you the mental toughness to succeed in practice and in competition. Through Dr. Roby’s personalized sports psychology coaching programs you will:

  • Uncover behaviors and attitudes that prevent you from performing your best
  • Learn peak performance routines utilized by exceptional athletes
  • Develop a more stable and higher level of confidence in your abilities
  • Learn to practice like a pro and improve the efficiency of your practice
  • Develop a consistent means for maintaining proper focus and concentration.
  • Discover how to gain greater control over your emotions during competition

All one-on-one Golf Psychology Programs (whether face-to-face or through phone sessions) include the following:

  • Golfer’s Mental Aptitude Profile (GMAP) to identify mental game challenges
  • GMAP results summary to clarify specific issues to be addressed
  • Development of a personalized Mental Game Plan to devise strategies for conquering mental game challenges
  • Copies of mental skills handouts to facilitate the learning process
  • Four, forty minute mental coaching sessions (face-to-face or over the phone) per month
  • Unlimited E-mail correspondence with Dr. Roby

Program Cost

Two Month One-on-One Individualized Mental Skills Training = $1250
Three Month One-on-One Individualized Mental Skills Training = $1650
Each additional month of Individualized Mental Skills Training = $600

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