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About Kevin Roby

Dr. Kevin J. Roby is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing, teaching, writing about, or doing research in the field of psychology for over thirty years. His work in the area of mental skills training for athletes began in 2000 when he was approached by a local professional golfer who was looking to improve his game by sharpening his mental skills. Dr. Roby saw this as a new and unique challenge. He immersed himself in the sport psychology literature, began attending sport psychology conferences, and completed additional training in applied sport psychology. In 2002 he officially opened his mental skills training business, Golf Psychology Consultants. Since that time, Dr. Roby has worked with scores of professional and amateur golfers, as well as athletes in other sports. He has come to be known as “The Go-To-Guy” for Mental Skills Training in Las Vegas.

When working with individual athletes, Dr. Roby begins by having the athlete complete a several page assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire helps to identify content areas that will be addressed in order to help the athlete improve their performance. A summary of mental game issues is generated from the questionnaire, and a personalized Mental Game Plan is then designed. The Mental Game Plan outlines the specific mental skills training techniques that will be utilized with this particular athlete.

Individual work with athletes usually lasts between eight and sixteen consultations, but clients sometime request more of an ongoing collaboration. It is Dr. Roby’s intent to help clients learn these mental skills as rapidly as possible. Once the skills are mastered the athlete will be able to apply these new and powerful mental strategies for the rest of their lives. Follow-up sessions are rarely indicated but can be arranged when necessary. Individual golfers with whom Dr. Roby has worked have played in golf events ranging from amateur championships up to competition at the PGA Tour level.

A unique feature of Dr. Roby’s work with individual athletes is that many of his mental skills training consultations are conducted over the telephone! This does away with the need for travel, whether it is across town or across the country. From his base in Las Vegas, Dr. Roby has provided mental skills training over the phone to individuals in California, Arizona, Colorado, and even in Canada!

Dr. Roby is also available to provide group presentations to athletic organizations and interested groups. His golf specific seminar, Mental Strategies For Great Golf, has been attended by hundreds of golfers across the Southwest region of the country. He regularly presents this seminar at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, through their Educational Outreach department. He’s had the privilege of being hired to present this seminar to private golf groups and teams, including a university golf team. He is particularly proud of being hired to give his presentation to the Las Vegas Chapter of the Southwest Section of the PGA.